Broadleaf Game (Los Angeles, USA) in conjunction with Pamu, Wilson Hellaby and AngusPure NZ invited 8 of their most important distributors to visit New Zealand in April. The aim of the visit was to show how our products are produced from the farm through to shipping ex Auckland.

AngusPure NZ joined the Atihau-Whanganui Corporation to showcase AngusPure Special Reserve qualifying cattle at their Ohakune property and the day was an enormous success.

Maggie Healey from TF Kinnealey in Boston emailed to say that the highlight of her trip was the visit to Atihau. “Seeing the expanse of the land for the Angus cattle made me wish we raised cattle more like that in the States. The farmer's love for the land and what the land offers truly resonated with me,” she said.

Later in the week the group witnessed the same group of Angus steers being processed at Wilson Hellaby in Auckland. They were all impressed with the quality of the carcasses they saw on the hooks.

Mark Mitchell, the Kiwi born and raised principle of Broadleaf Game, did however have one word of warning for the Atihau-Whanganui Corporation, AngusPure NZ and Angus farmers in general; “We really need more marbling,” he said.

Mark went on to say, “Our customers are happy to pay a premium for New Zealand's grass fed AngusPure Special Reserve beef but it must have a minimum marbling score of at least 2-3 on the Ausmeat scale. You need more marbling or you won’t compete in the niche beef markets within the USA.”



Mark Mitchell and his Broadleaf Game clients, along with AngusPure NZ board members at Atihau farm in Ohakune.



AngusPure Special Reserve beef was served as an entree during the lunch at Ahihau farm in Ohakune.

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