AngusPure NZ are proud and excited to announce a new supply partnership programme with Alliance Group. This new addition to the AngusPure beef supply network will see the first processing of AngusPure beef in the South Island for at least seven years, as well as greater opportunities for North Island suppliers through Alliance’s Levin plant. 

AngusPure is devoted to providing consumers with the finest grass fed eating experience and ensuring they will enjoy this experience each and every time with the AngusPure beef range. Alliance will be rewarding those farmers who reach the associated processing targets, subsequently producing our quality AngusPure beef.

As a 100 per cent farmer-owned co-operative, Alliance Group are committed to building a differentiated premium portfolio and providing their farmers with supply programme opportunities to partner with for new products. Their passion for quality was shown during the recent What’s The Beef? roadshow, where they showcased their new ‘Handpicked’ range.

“We are pleased to welcome AngusPure to the Alliance beef portfolio,” says Alliance Category Beef Director Darren Drury.

AngusPure fits well into this premium portfolio and the new Alliance AngusPure Programme links farmers to the needs of consumers through the market derived premiums received through the AUS-MEAT Chiller Assessment grading system, ensuring a robust and objective process, and providing quality assurance for global customers.

For AngusPure’s 88 Partner studs this new relationship shifts things onto a more even playing field, especially for those in the South Island who have been excluded in recent years.

“The partnership between Alliance Group and AngusPure New Zealand is a game changer for all Angus breeders nationwide, but especially South Island breeders. Alliance and AngusPure share a common belief that quality should be rewarded. Not all Angus are equal and Alliance will reward all those suppliers who provide quality carcases. This is something the board of AngusPure have been preaching for many years,” says AngusPure NZ Director Guy Sargent.

This new programme opens up another option to finishers right across the country for processing and there will be increased demand and premiums paid for cattle tagged with AngusPure Source & Trace ear tags.

To qualify for the Alliance AngusPure Programme, cattle must be at least 75% Angus (sired by a Registered or PRAC Recorded Angus bull and out of an Angus or first X Angus dam) and AngusPure Source & Trace tags will be compulsory from the beginning.

The AngusPure range will be processed and selected by specially-trained accredited graders at the Mataura, Pukeuri and Lorneville plants in the South Island and also at the Levin plant in the North Island. 

John Mckone of PGG Wrightson will be the supply manager on behalf of AngusPure NZ and processing will begin on September 1st 2021.

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