The top Angus stud bull price to beat for 2020 was set on Tuesday by Sudeley Angus in Lincoln, Canterbury. Earnscleugh Angus stud purchased Lot 2, Sudeley 18101 for $60,000 after a bidding frenzy for the highly sought after animal.

Andrew Laing, who owns Sudeley with wife Anna, had the bull pinned as the pick of the sale team. Sired by Matauri Reality 839, the bull combines good constitution, production and excellent conformation. He displays a great spread of EBV figures,  with very good calving ease, low birth weight, and good growth. His scrotal figures are in the top 1% of the Angus breed and his rib & rump fat is also in the top 1%.

Sudeley sold 38 of the 40 bulls offered at the sale today and the average price was $11,176 - the highest average seen in 2020 to date. The sale was run as a hybrid auction, with bidding available to those both on farm and those bidding online via bidr®, a new online livestock trading platform owned by PGG Wrightson Ltd.

Both Sudeley Angus and Earnscleugh Angus are AngusPure Partner studs, a group of 89 Angus studs here in New Zealand that are committed to working alongside AngusPure NZ to improve the grass fed eating experience for the end consumer. Breeding top quality bulls is a crucial part of this goal, as genetics go a long way towards improving both taste and texture in the beef, predominantly through marbling.

With the current Covid-19 pandemic that has grasped the entire globe, consumers have never been more aware of what they’re eating and where it comes from. AngusPure is New Zealand’s premium grass fed beef product, well known both here in New Zealand, and internationally (Hong Kong and the United States).

Guy Sargent, Director of AngusPure NZ, is excited to see top sale results coming through for Sudeley.

“To see one of our Partner studs receiving such great support and demand for their cattle is very encouraging.  We’ve pushed hard to promote these studs and it’s obviously paying dividends.”

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