AngusPure NZ is now exporting AngusPure Special Reserve branded beef to Hong Kong.

We are pleased to announce that Sutherland Gastronomy have recently obtained the exclusive rights to import AngusPure Special Reserve into Hong Kong and Macau. Our premium grass fed beef product will be sold at retail level, and also in a selection of Hong Kong and Macau's leading restaurants.

Sutherland are a luxury meat purveyor and have been operating for over 20 years. They have made it their mission to search the globe for the finest, most extraordinary meat.  AngusPure Special Reserve has been carefully selected by the Sutherland team after much consideration and ASPR is the only grass fed/finished beef product in their product portfolio.

Sutherland Group is a father and son operation, run by Reynaldo and Romeo Alfonso.  Romeo (the son) has spent time in New Zealand working on the chain of a New Zealand beef processing plant and is therefore very familiar with New Zealand beef products.

As well as the grass fed and pasture raised aspects of AngusPure Special Reserve, the major appeal of APSR is the fact that the beef has full traceability, is hormone growth promotant free and that it is antibiotic free for the lifetime of the animal.  This is a rare find indeed.

Sutherland have been closely following AngusPure on social media for the past twelve months, to ensure we are a brand they wanted to align themselves with.  This pays great tribute to the often underestimated value of AngusPure's online presence.

On November 10th 2017, Sutherland Gastronomy held a launch event at city'super in Times Square, Hong Kong.  City Super Group have four international gourmet food market city'super stores that target the discerning customer in Hong Kong.  The stores offers a premium selection of products from around the world for busy urban professionals who pursue a premium quality of life.  Marc Chau, the senior buyer for city'super is excited by this new venture and expects sales to go very well.

AngusPure NZ Partner Guy Sargent was in attendance for the launch event, as well as NZ Trade and Enterprise Business Development Manager Will Bedoucha.

This latest export deal solidifies the strength of the AngusPure Special Reserve brand.  The APSR beef has also been imported into the USA by Broadleaf Game since May 2017, which has proven very successful.

Those Angus beef producers who are tagging their cattle with AngusPure Source and Trace tags and meeting the marbling requirements of APSR are currently being rewarded with the higher premiums of this program and they should feel pleased to have a further export deal secured for AngusPure Special Reserve.




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